Sunday, October 04, 2009

Officially lookin for buyers

Normally, I focus on the people who make the handmade items. Now, I would like to take a turn and focus on the buyers.

If you're a buyer and wouldn't mind saying something about what you bought, why and from who.....please contact me.

This is gonna be fun, hearing from our great buyers. I'm even going to contact one of my buyers, she was really great, and see if she'll participate.



WillOaks Studio said...

Well, I was indulgent this past week. I bought a set of original photo cards from Amy of Lilleypics that I plan to frame. I also bought a small original mixed media painting of a robin from Cara of floodplainstudio that I just love the photo of (I collect bird things.)

I'll be writing these up on my blog when they arrive! I have found some wonderful artists on Etsy and every so often, I just can't resist.

Trish Goodfield said...

What a great idea