Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About my pictures, coming improvements

Ok, here goes. The current problems with my pics are:

1. My camera is 12 years old.
2. I have a crappy cardboard light box.
3. My monitor is almost as old as my camera.

I know, it's now an excuse, I hate it. But it it the truth. My picture taking set up really sucks.

But I am hoping to improve it a little bit.

1. I get to borrow my sister's camera. It's only a year old and takes really great pictures.
2. I'm going to build a newer, better light box. With Muslin and better lighting. (I actually found a great professional lightbox for $40, but can't afford it right now)
3. Well, I still can't do much about my monitor, but I think the other 2 will make a great deal of difference.

I'm just so tired of hearing how my pictures suck. I know they do, but hearing it sucks too, lol. I always try to take great pictures and I do take the best ones I can. But I know that doesn't help me much in the world of online selling.



Lenox Knits said...

Using the new camera will make the biggest difference in my opinion. I don't have a lightbox although I have my own setup that is sort of like it. I prefer natural light so I work on my screened in porch with a white backdrop. I don't think the monitor makes that much difference. We are seeing it on our monitor so how it looks to us is what matters. Do you use an editing software to brighten them up. You can use GIMP for free or there is all kinds of other editing programs out there. Good luck!