Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Making plans and trying to rebuild

The move in went smoothly. Still unpacking boxes from storage, but I'll get there.

My computer was the first casualty of the move. I got a new one from my dad's best friend (THANKS B). But have no clue how I'm going to pay for this awesome machine that I've been blessed with, my daddy and him won't tell me exactly what I owe. They think that's funny, daddy changes the subject every time I ask. I want to start making payments, B did me a solid and I want to make good on it.

I went through my claying supplies. They didn't fair well in the move either. The clay that I stored is now ruined (not what I was hoping for). And I didn't get to take a lot of my tools with me, to the tune of over $200 in stuff I will have to replace. So any clay work is going to be put off for a while.

On a good note, the crochet hooks I had for over 25 years have now reappeared. I thought they had gotten left behind, but they were in the bottom of the last box I had. I'm so thankful that I found them. It gave me the feeling that everything is going to be ok, my world is going to get back to normal and the way I like it again.

So, I can once again crochet my little heart out. I like that. I can crochet and never have to watch my fingers, they know what to do, leaving me to watch TV or chat with the family.

Been a bit hung up on what to crochet tho, that can be a problem. Then the other day, I started having this major urge to do Christmas items. Is it too early to start doing Christmas items? My heart is telling me to just do it, but then a small voice says it's so early. I love doing Christmas stuff and get overwhelmed every year with custom orders for stuff. Maybe I will go ahead and start, then I might actually be a bit ahead this year.

Sorry for the long drawn out post. I'm just really happy to once again be in a creative friendly environment. And to be able to do what I want, when I want. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels.



AliciaMae said...

I'm sorry to hear there were move casualties. So cool that you found the crochet hooks :)