Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moving sale for month of June

Well, it looks like the end of June I'll be moving.

I've been staying with my sister and she hates this apartment, so she's moving to another one. I'll be moving with her.

So I've marked everything in my store down by 25%. I'm really hoping to lighten the moving load a bit.

Right now, my time is being spent packing up boxes for my sis while she's at work. Gosh, who knew you could pack so much in such a little apartment???

Have a great day.



Ailurophile said...

All the best for your move. Hope you find the new apartment to be wonderful. Love your works in the Art Fire studio :)

djStoreRoom said...

You have been awarded the Lovely Blog Award!! Check out my blog at http://djstoreroom.blogspot.com~!!

Happy Moving!!