Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just wanted to know if anyone still does these? I have done them 3 times in the past, got burned twice (they changed their minds).

I've been asked by 2 people now if I would do a layaway plan for them, but I'm a bit hesitant.

Input would be greatly appreciated.



jinx1764 said...

I offer the option but have strict but fair guidelines which I follow. So far no one had accepted the layaway option. I also accept credit cards off line, most people prefer the credit option if they don't have the cash. Good luck!

Judy said...

I have offered layaway, and had one person use it twice. She dragged it out, but did end up buying both items. My work is expensive and sometimes it is the only way to entice someone to go for the sale. I would encourage you to make some "rules" clear to the customer: 1. the item must be paid in full by ___date. 2. tell them you will bill them on ___ and give the dates, with the understanding that they will need to pay the bills withing ___days of the billing. 3. Make it clear what happens if they don't finish the agreement, ie. you return all but some % or some minimum amout for your lost time. If they agree, then do it. I don't know if it is possible, but you could ask for their c/c number and automatically charge them on specified days, since you take c/c's. I think it can work for you.

Sandy said...

Not in years, used to be common at stores. Don't think stores do it anymore. Good luck on your decision. Hope it works out ok for you.

Question, if I may. I see you have the comment I follow badge. I need to get mine added; but have a question. Just recently learned about the default no follow and got my code changed from reading instructions somewhere. Was thrilled I was able to do it, as techy stuff and I sometimes have issues.

I then read one should load the plugin for Moz. FF, so I did; but now that I have it...I don't know how to use it. Haven't found any directions either. I see it in my tool bar under tools, add ons I think. I click on NoDoFollow or something like that, I then get purple highlights on blog title, and blog posts. From the directions I thought I was suppose to blue or red. One let me know they had changed the code one didn't. Can't find my directions at the moment to know which color meant what. Can you help with this?