Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry for YOUR bad day

Normally, I don't say anything, I just let things slide. But this just chaffed my hide.

Yesterday, I decided to use up a bunch of Entrcard credits and buy some ads. All ads were accepted, but one. Ok, no problem, no big deal. But then this person came back to my blog to leave a nasty comment (which I have erased). Now, I don't believe in calling people out, and I won't.

The comment was something like this:

I DO NOT accept ads for xxx site. I am a member of xxx site. I believe in it, trust it and only support fellow members from there. You're blog is not supporting xxx and therefore I won't accept any of your ad requests.
Now why would a person do that? I understand and think it's great that you support xxx site. I never said anything bad about it, I never said ANY site was better than the other.

Were you just having a bad morning? Why would you go thru the trouble to make a comment like that?

You could have simply denied my ad request (which you did) and left it at that.


Hmmmm, I guess it really is Friday the 13th.



Shauni said...

You know I read this blog and just got a bit irked on your behalf. You seem to have a lovely blog with no underlying agenda.. Or am I missing out on your plot to over throw the world? anyway, those people just need to feel important..