Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bracelet with my beads!

Yay! I love seeing what jewelry makers can make with my beads. Especially since I love to make the beads, but I suck at making jewelry.

These beads were part of my first sale and already Joy at Catinalife has them made up into this beautiful bracelet.
Yeah, those are my beads and Joy does such great work. So lets look at few more beauties by her.

She does really great work. Go look around her shop at Catinalife, you won't be sorry.



LLnL said...


Nancy said...

Very pretty beads and bracelet -- I'm with you, I love working with polymer clay, but jewelry making just ain't my thing!

catinalife said...

Thanks Jen, how sweet. Your beads are "the bomb" to quote my daughter.