Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm a worry wart

Where to start? Lol.

Well, in Oct I left a bad situation. I had been doing exotic bird rescue for 8+ years and we had a flock of 14 birds. Some of them were sent to new homes, some stayed behind and one went with me.

I wish I could have taken them all with me, but I wasn't even sure where I was going or what I was going to do. Finally, my sister said I could stay with her for a few months, but I could only bring one of the birds with me. It was so hard to make the decision, how do you decide which of your kids to bring with you and which to leave behind?

After some thought, I decided I couldn't let my White Capped Pionus go. I was the only person in the world she liked and the only mommy she ever had. Besides, she's quiet and not too big. So Her Royal Highness the Princess Willamina (Willie for short) came with me. More of my birds can been seen on my Flickr account (link is on the left panel).

I thank God I got to bring her with me. She's kept me going on the days I didn't think I'd make it. But she's lonely, she misses her brothers and sisters. And worse, my ex wouldn't give me her cage, so she's stuck in her tiny little travel cage (that was only meant to use for vet visits).

She has free reign of my bedroom and my undivided attention every day, that's the least I can do for her. I'm hoping to get things straightened out soon and be able to get her a bigger cage.

In March or April, I should be moving into permanent housing. I'm thinking about getting another bird to keep her company and give us both a little more of what's normal for us.

Sorry to ramble. Just wanted to talk a little bit about my life.




Karrie said...

I am so sorry for the rough time you are going threw but be strong and you can do it. It is such a wonderful thing you are doing for the birds! Most of my animals are rescued animals. If you want a cockatiel I have one that needs a home ;) Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to reading your blog more. As you can probably tell I am an animal lover myself. I hope for the best for you and willie! :)